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Communication in Project Management: it’s not so obvious

Communication is an essential component at Project Management. It seems obvious to say that, as Communications is a key element of our life from the origin, it is involved in everything we do. But some things seem so obvious so we take it for granted. And the fact that is we don’t communicate correctly for […]

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Project Management, dispelling myths

Project Management used to live –and to fight- with several myths that for long time caused adoption reticence by organizations and professionals from some business and industries. It is a similar case as legends about sharks. We bring today some good articles that help to take these theories into piece. One of these myths consists […]

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Organize the time… to get things on time

Time is a key element for any project. Sometimes it is the most important, but if not, it always is there to be took in account. Every work has their deadlines and it often means compromise. Depending on how we manage, it could turn into stress or maybe determining the whole project. It’s not accurate […]

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Dirty Little Secret

Project Management is intended to basically making our work easier through helping us to be more efficient, organized, and definitely better in terms of productivity. In addition, business world is more mobile and collaborative structures are moving forward to more agile industries, so more and more people are acting as project managers, despite they have […]

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A brief history of Project Management

Although Project Management has been strengthened in recent years, especially in the U.S., and still is doing in Spain and so will in Latin America, the history of Project Management has a lot of content. Some experts date back to the first megaconstruction in the world, the Pyramids of Giza, completef over 4.500 years ago. […]

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10 Top reasons why you need Project Management (part II)

We brought last week the first 5 top reasons why you need Project Management in your corporation. Today we give you 5 more reasons will convince you for sure. 6. Provide a Process to estimate the Project Resources. Using Project Management software, as MySaaSPlace, previous experiences in projects, and a planned project initiation phase, will […]

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10 Top reasons why you need Project Management (part I)

A rigorous Project Management process is a requirement to any project. From a Project Manager is expected to get results sooner as possible and within the budget established. An exhaustive planning minimizes the possibility of making a mistake in the project you take part, so we are going to give you ten reasons why you […]

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4 basic negotiation skills for a Project Manager

A project manager needs often to negotiate with different stakeholders often during the course of a particular project, not only with the client but often with stakeholders within the corporation. These negotiations will focus on four main areas: resources, schedule, budget and scope. 1. Resources negotiation. This type of negotiation usually involves internal agents. There […]

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