10 Top reasons why you need Project Management (part II)


We brought last week the first 5 top reasons why you need Project Management in your corporation. Today we give you 5 more reasons will convince you for sure.

6. Provide a Process to estimate the Project Resources.

Using Project Management software, as MySaaSPlace, previous experiences in projects, and a planned project initiation phase, will decrease the errors estimated number in the project and will increases the chances that the project is completed within budget and on schedule.

 7 Communicate Risks, Changes, and Project Progress.

The project progresses and stakeholders must be reported periodically about progress, changes, constraints and successes that will be happening. Project Management creates a plan to address this communications, provide a format and design an execution process.

8 Thoroughly investigate the assumptions.

All projects are based in assumptions, and a good Project Manager must deep in the user needs, project constraints, and management expectations to understand all about them. Be based on hypotheses can lead to project failure.

9.  Be prepared for unexpected issues.

It is known by those who have participated in a project, in each of them always appear contingences, such as changes in market conditions, and is hit with random cause variability. Experienced project managers plan alternatives for tasks that are carried.

10. Document, transfer, and apply in the future.

Last phase of project management focuses on closing the project. The project manager report analyzes how well all phases were performed: project initiation, planning, execution, and control and monitoring. Every notes taken through the project must be analyzed, reviewed and dissected to find patterns, trends and opportunities to improve in the future. All thing learned have to be documented and communicated to other project managers before starting the next project.

About MySaasPlace

MySaaSPlace es la primera solución integrada de gestión de proyectos y facturación en la nube, sencilla y económica, para potenciar la productividad en los negocios.

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