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Gestiona_el_tiempoTime is a key element for any project. Sometimes it is the most important, but if not, it always is there to be took in account. Every work has their deadlines and it often means compromise. Depending on how we manage, it could turn into stress or maybe determining the whole project. It’s not accurate quality and results to be damaged by timelines.

What we bring today is this article by Robert Bell Bell Effective Time Management Tips for Project Managers. As time tends to get shorter when we work under pressure on a project, Robert suggests us organize the time in a way which will let us get things done on time. Here are some tips just to do it:

–          Let the Team Members work. It’s not useful try control so much the work of the team. At the start of the project you might have assigned certain task to each person. If you have done it this way then you just need to make sure that they report to with their regular updates and with any issues they come across.

–          Know What You Want to Do. Projects not always are the same neither their phases as well. You should maintain a work line according your experience, know-how and your own personality. And never shift from it.

–          Know What is Happening. An efficient control of the project means to receive relevant information as needed instead of asking for, which represent an additional spent of time and energy.

–          Enjoy Your Time Off. Even when the Project is critical and requires a huge effort and resources, you might disconnect once in a while in order to be more efficient when we back to work.

–          Focus on the Important Stuff. Urgent thing never should distract us from the important tasks.

–          Use your Diary. Author does, and recommends us take it even sharing it with the team. Another tip could be making a note everyday of the most important tasks for the following day.

After all, each PM and their team have their own way to work, as they know what really works according their proven experience. What is essential is avoid time to turn on the worst enemy for the projects develop and final success. What also really helps is counting on flexible and dynamic PM software tools such us MySaaSPlace in order to managing time… to get things done on time.

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