Dirty Little Secret

Pequeño_secreto_obscenoProject Management is intended to basically making our work easier through helping us to be more efficient, organized, and definitely better in terms of productivity. In addition, business world is more mobile and collaborative structures are moving forward to more agile industries, so more and more people are acting as project managers, despite they have not any training of this subject. And they need gather information in order to acquire skills.

That’s why today a huge amount of articles, tutorials and any kind advices are appearing in Internet with the purpose of helping people to be successful in managing a project. What we bring today is this article by Arwen Petty, issued In Business to Community. It proposes us a dirty little secret related with deadlines, that challenge we have to face and often we are so worried about. And further, it becomes a true handicap for many projects.

Of course the author is not promoting about eliminating timelines, as it is absolutely necessary in business today, but just relaxing on this matter, transitioning from strict to yielding. It will allow project managers to focus more on the quality of tasks and deliverables.  Petty recommendations are as follows:

–       Tasks rarely get done on time, anyway. If you’re already allowing extensions, you’ve already planned for this inevitability, so embrace it.

–       You’re not the best estimator of someone else’s time. Their priorities are not always going to sync up with yours, so instead, allow them to determine the importance of tasks. When they’ve given you a timeline, you can either compromise with them or build it into your own schedule.

–       Set personal completion estimations, and encourage your team to do the same. If you know something absolutely must be done in three weeks, plan to finish it in two, particularly if your task impacts the start of someone else’s.

–       Estimate workflow based on labor-hours, not calendar days. It’s more accurate and accounts for time spent on-task, not just at work.

–        Keep the lines of communication open and continuous. You might not be checking off a list, but you should always be checking in.

–       Keep your customers (or stakeholders) in the loop. Updates should extend beyond team members to anyone that might be invested in, or affected by, the outcome.

We just get a good grate from it. Last generation GIP software, such as MySaaSPlace, may understand and be comprehensive about this little secret. Further necessary right planning, they should provide the means to be flexible and able to manage changes, that they are so often inevitable.

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