The Cloud among Us

Ten years ago it was such a vision, if five, a serious project for the future. But the Cloud has come and it’s here to stay. Analysts had been advising during the past years, and Cloud Computing has already become a real alternative for companies in order to manage their IT Systems in an efficient, agile form, reducing costs.

We bring today several studies to confirm the Cloud momentum. For the first, IDC reports that Spanish market of Invoicing and Accounting Cloud Solutions raised 25% in 2012, and revenue is 12,45 million €. Just as opposed to traditional ERP, whose sales decreased 4% during the same period. IDC elaborated this study with data from 12 cloud tools offered in Spain. Just to remind MySaaSPlace is the only one solution in terms of offering Invoicing and Accounting, but also Integrated Project Management.

Another interesting point of view is from Gartner, who analyzes Cloud Office Solutions around the World in his New Developments in the Cloud Office System Market study. It points that, although only 8% office market is cloud based currently, it will grow during next four years to reach 33% market share in 2007.

Spanish consulting Penteo has presented his report called Spain 2013 Cloud Computing Universe. It’s focused on Cloud Services analysis and remarks Cloud Computing is not an emergent technology anymore, but just a patent reality into organizations. According the survey, 92% of inquired companies will maintain or increase their investments on SaaS solutions, mainly in Collaboration, e-mail and CRM solutions.

And we live always attentive to Latam Market. According Evelyn Pineda consultant, 64% of companies in the region are already using Cloud solutions, from 3,5% in 2010, and it will be 80% in 2020. In addition to that, Cloud Computing Latam companies account $680 million investments and it will reach $1.500 million in 2015.

Certainly Cloud has definitely left to be something that we see there above, and we took some picture with more or less perspective. Like this picture of Dubai, taken by German Photographer Sebastian Opitz, Cloud has come down from the sky and now it is just living among us.


About MySaasPlace

MySaaSPlace es la primera solución integrada de gestión de proyectos y facturación en la nube, sencilla y económica, para potenciar la productividad en los negocios.

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