10 Top reasons why you need Project Management (part I)


A rigorous Project Management process is a requirement to any project. From a Project Manager is expected to get results sooner as possible and within the budget established. An exhaustive planning minimizes the possibility of making a mistake in the project you take part, so we are going to give you ten reasons why you need the Project Management.

1.       Manage change

It is usual that there are changes in the demands over the project by any of the stakeholders, and these changes may seem acceptable but at first, but a real thing is the sum of these can run out your budget.

 2.       Deliver project results on time and on budget

A project planning starts always with an explanation of a business case with some type of cost calculated associated to the Return Over Investment. Once these measure are set, the Project Manager must be sure to drive the project on time and on budget while the performance remains. If the Project Manager doesn’t take care about this, the project will never end in the expected way.

 3.       Focus the team on the solution

The Project Team often strays and spend time in the wrong tasks. A good project manager keeps the project team focused to use the project planning effectively and protecting them of the interferences.

 4.       Get the “yes” from stakeholders

The Project Manager must collect user requirements, project constraints and a feasibility study in order to develop a strong business case justification. Getting information from different sources, the project manager has all in his favor to get the yes from stakeholders.

 5.       Define the critical path to complete the project optimally

Every project is made up of a series of tasks and activities related to each other, each of which has its own constraints. The project manager must identify the critical path of activities to ensure the project is carried out according to plan in the shortest time and with minimal resource consumption.


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