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Most In-Demand Certifications for Tech Jobs

Tech hiring continues to grow, and there aren’t any indications that it will stop. In March, there were 809,000 jobs posted online for programmers and technology professionals. With competition among employers continuing and recruiting becoming more difficult, we wanted to share the 15 licenses and certifications that are most commonly specified in IT job ads. […]

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accounting software

Top 5 features of accounting software.

The importance of using accounting software is that it helps to the company growth and development, reducing costs and getting a competitive advantage over the competition. It is vital to systematize and streamline accounting operations in a company, why the software must allow recording all transactions, sales, and payable and receivable accounts. After that, the […]

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The World of Project Management; Getting it Right

“The Universe is hostile to the success of your projects. What are you doing about it?” In most organizations, project management is practised on an exception basis. We only think of it seriously when the project is in big trouble. The need for project management, and in some cases, even its existence, is acknowledged only […]

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10 Top reasons why you need Project Management (part II)

We brought last week the first 5 top reasons why you need Project Management in your corporation. Today we give you 5 more reasons will convince you for sure. 6. Provide a Process to estimate the Project Resources. Using Project Management software, as MySaaSPlace, previous experiences in projects, and a planned project initiation phase, will […]

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Why Project Manager should consider goals and objectives for creating better tasks

Project management of a particular project for a company is crucial, since the project can make or break the company.  Without defining the appropriate goals and objective the outcome of the project cannot be anticipated. With regard to this, the company begins with planning strategy goals that should go into project management. Continue reading SOURCE: […]

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6 Common Project Management Blunders You Shouldn’t Make

Project management is as necessary a skill for anyone in agile business as is the ability to collaborate without getting HR involved. We’re working in a world dependent on transparency, shared responsibility, and autonomy, and the truth is? We’re all project managers now. Here are 6 common project management mistakes and how you can keep them […]

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10 Top reasons why you need Project Management (part I)

A rigorous Project Management process is a requirement to any project. From a Project Manager is expected to get results sooner as possible and within the budget established. An exhaustive planning minimizes the possibility of making a mistake in the project you take part, so we are going to give you ten reasons why you […]

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4 basic negotiation skills for a Project Manager

A project manager needs often to negotiate with different stakeholders often during the course of a particular project, not only with the client but often with stakeholders within the corporation. These negotiations will focus on four main areas: resources, schedule, budget and scope. 1. Resources negotiation. This type of negotiation usually involves internal agents. There […]

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