Top 5 features of accounting software.

accounting software

The importance of using accounting software is that it helps to the company growth and development, reducing costs and getting a competitive advantage over the competition. It is vital to systematize and streamline accounting operations in a company, why the software must allow recording all transactions, sales, and payable and receivable accounts. After that, the system is responsible for performing all calculations required to provide reports to serve the company to make decisions.

The most important features accounting software must have are:

  • Ease of use: a keyboard completely manageable software, allowing insert transactions quickly and efficiently and do the administrative work easier.
  • Flexibility: is essential that the program match in the requirements of the company, allows editing the chart of accounts with the needs of the company, adding accounts, deleting the ones you do not use or modifying those that are desired.
  • Management Reports: It is essential for decision making in the company, necessary in some situations. An accounting program must have the possibility of issuing reports profit and loss account, balance, periodifying to create reports suited to the needs of a particular accounting control of the enterprise.
  • Integration: given today’s technology there are programs like MySaaSPlace that are able to integrate billing with accounting. MySaaSplace has a billing module and also a project management module too. If either of these modules makes movements that can be counted as invoices or purchase orders, the system will proceed with the entries automatically. This is going a step ahead of the most part of programs that are in the market that only are able to invoice or account separately. This feature is a direct cost saving for the enterprise.
  • Portability: The problem with most accounting software programs is that if the computer where is installed breaks you can’t work. If someone has to work 5 minutes to edit an entry, it’s necessary to be in the company physically. Problems are solved with cloud computing. The program is no longer physically on a computer, but in the cloud, which can be used when you want where necessary.

To these features must be added the price, which is not itself a feature of the software, but the value set by the company selling it. The best solution today is the software as a service (SaaS), allowing a monthly subscription for use of the service and not have to make a big investment in a software. Not only companies like Adobe or Microsoft offer these cloud applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office 365. MySaaSPlace is a pioneer in offering cloud computing application integrating project management, billing and accounting.

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MySaaSPlace es la primera solución integrada de gestión de proyectos y facturación en la nube, sencilla y económica, para potenciar la productividad en los negocios.

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